This product is a portable multi-functional power source that can store energy, and it is equipped with high-efficiency power lithium-ion battery cell, safe lithium battery management system (BMS), high-efficiency energy conversion circuit, and it is casing by high-strength aluminum alloy. After being repeatedly tested and verified for a long time by R&D team of our company, the product has obtained international certifications such as CE\FCC\ROHSIPSE\UN38.3. The top design and mature production control, the products are safe and reliable, which can be powered by solar power, vehicle power generation, and electric supply charging. The product features light weight, small volume and high power, which can provide customers with convenient mobile energy.

The main features of the product are:

Solar energy MPPT Charging system (Maximum Power Point Tracking)

AC/Wall charge, Automatic Adaptive Adapter for Electric Charging

Car charging

Super inverter output, best compatibility

USB-C TYPE-C PD60W charging

USB-A 2.4A Intelligent recognition output

LED High-brightness Display Screen (Real-time input/output power, Remaining SOC, etc.)

BMS Multilevel protection system

Ultra-long cycle life, 800+ cycles

Products can meet the demand of power supply for most household appliances, such as rice cookers, mini – refrigerators, speakers, televisions, mobile phones, computers, digital cameras, Laptop, LED lights, emergency lights, outdoor lighting, outdoor construction, electric tools, pumps, medical equipment, etc. It includes a wide range of applications, such as rescue and relief work, emergency rescue, first aid, excavation, decoration, construction, tourism, camping, solar power generation and other fields.

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