MaxRider Lithium LFPX4 (DS) Motorcycle Battery

Motorcycle Battery

  • Maxrider Lithium Motorcycle Batteries are created to energize your motorcycles with maximum power and maximum performance.
  • Dimension: 11.3cm x 7cm x 8.5cm
  • Maintenance-Free Battery
  • Intelligent Capacity Detection
  • Reliable Starting Power
  • Optimal Acceleration
  • No Corrosive liquid or harmful heavy metals
  • Environmentally friendly

Model Compatibility:

Honda: Wave, Beat, Bravo, CB110, Wave125, Wave Alpha100/110, Wave100, Wave110 dash, XRM110/125, Dio old model, Dio III, Livezk Kawasaki: Fury125, Fury125R, KSR110 Suzuki: Skydrive125, Step125, Frontier SS 100 Yamaha: Mio soul, Sniper150

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